Que tourne la terre

Partager le soleil parmi tout le monde

Cyrano voulait aller à la lune

Il a atterri au Canada

On m’a posé sur un endroit inconnu

Lorsque je ne bégayais encore que bwa-bwa

L’espace n’a jamais été ma volonté

Le temps en sera.

Dans une ville que tu ne connais pas,

À 18 h 56, il y a une femme qui gare sa voiture pour aller chez le dentiste

Elle va arracher une de ses dents

Mais juste avant, une fille asiatique l’aide à payer le parcmètre

Une histoire de l’histoire

Que mes parents ne sont pas intéressés d’entendre

Ni mon copain, ni ma copine,

Ni mon chien car je n’ai plus de chien

Je m’entends

Je m’écris

Si la terre se fond,

Je nagerais

Je ne nage pas très bien dans l’eau

Peut-être je nagerais mieux sur la terre.

Tu viendras en l’air.

Tu demanderas à quelqu’un de souffler un vent.

Je sais que tu auras la boussole avec toi

J’ai toujours ma montre avec moi

Tu me diras où, je te dirai quand.

C’est ensuite que l’on inviterait l’autre, les autres.

Il y a cette histoire qui a commencé avec la mort.

Ce n’était pas très visible au début.

Or, elle a fait son travail.

J’ai été perdu quelquefois dans le chemin obscur

Aujourd’hui mes cheveux ne poussent plus.

Tout ce que j’écoutais avant reste nostalgique

C’est comme les trois gendarmes dans le bar où j’écris ces mots.

C’est l’ombre en été,

Le soleil en hiver,

Autrement dit un rendez-vous.

À Libourne

How I have started painting


Like other artists, I concentrate all of my vital phenomena when I paint. It seems as if I am doing nothing, thinking nothing. I usually start a painting without making initial outlines or separate rough sketches, so I feel as if I am painting extemporaneously at the moment of painting. Naturally all my paintings come from the experiences of my life and are closely related to every part of my life. I think that life is itself art and that painting is a tool to reveal various traces of life. There are in some of my paintings dreamy descriptions, while imagination can dominate in some parts, and reality can be at work in others. The I of today paint the I of yesterday. In this sense, as I live a life in accordance with the circumstances of the moment, painting can be a diary that I paint instead of writing.



Luxury villas on the ground full of blood
Murderers danse at night nearby
And you are not even allow to smoke on the premises

@ Central London


As time well passes before our eyes and feet, my husband so often says things like “I would like to be buried in Korea, do not send me away.” or “We gotta be buried together in one spot, so come next to me when it’s also your time.” It bothers me for I am well aware of the age difference between us. Of course as life kindly teaches us, it is not according to how old you are, but the chance is and especially when you love someone so much, I might have to be aware of the fact that I might see him with his eyes closed when mine eyes still wide open. Ya’aburnee.

I came across this phrase by chance. It reminded me of where my husband is actually from. A boundary between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Or rather, a mixture of the three. We speak mostly in English to one another and have spent the largest amount of time together in Europe, so, sometimes I forget where he is from. (and where I am from too!) Since I was young, I was always attracted to Arabic cultures for some reason. (without any reason really) Now I sigh and say “After all, choices are made by selves.” I remember seeing Aladdin for the first time in my teen and promising myself I will be with someone like Aladdin; dark-skinned, smart, fun, romantic, kind, courageous and loves a monkey!

So here I am, in a relationship near to 10 years with ‘my Aladdin.’ There are times when I become a witch woman to prove my points to him and end up raising my voice just like any other couple, but I am happy in the end that I have found someone I can truly say that I want to spend the rest of my life with but also that I want to be buried with.

Ya’aburnee Habibi. I won’t be bothered with thoughts that give only sadness and never answers. I might die first. You might die first. That is up to the Mystery. The important thing is that right now I am holding your hands (most of time we do, of course not right now, unfortunately) and you holding mine. We live in harmony if harmony is the balance of life energies. We have finally accepted it. As long as we are together, it won’t matter who ‘goes’ first. In fact, I don’t hope I do first. That would be as much sad as you going first.

Habibi stay with me and I will stay with you, in this world and beyond.