Hermann Hesse_Timothy Leary and Ralph Metzner

“The great writer is the wise man who feels compelled to translate the message into words. The message is, of course, around us and in us at all moments. Everything is a clue. Everything contains all the message. To pass it on in symbols is unnecessary but perhaps the greatest performance of man. Wise men write (with deliberation) in the esoteric. It’s the way of making a rose or a baby. The exoteric maya the hallucinatory façade. The meaning is within. The greatness of a great book lies in the esoteric, the seed meaning concealed behind the net of symbols. All great writers write the same book, changing only the exoteric trappings of their time and tribe.” (Page 168)

“So Harry Haller, the Steppenwolf, had his psychedelic session, discovered instead of one reality, infinite realities within the brain. He is admitted into the select group of those who have passed through the verbal curtain into other modes of consciousness. He has joined the elite brotherhood of the illuminati.” (Page 173)

Psychedelic Review, the “Hermann Hesse: Poet of the Interior Journey” by Timothy Leary and Ralph Metzler