Travel Writing_2011

I still remember clearly the emotions I had when I was arriving to Tangier by ferry from France. I was very excited, of course, but strangely enough, I felt as if I was coming home. I’ve never been to Morocco, let alone, anywhere in the Africa continent and I knew no-one who lived there. It was very strange because I got used to everything around, the minute I landed on this strange but attractive land. Then, it was the same when I went to the desert through M’hamid. I felt as if I belonged there for some reason. I cried hard. I didn’t know why I was crying. Perhaps because the nights were too beautiful? Or an awareness of many the spirits who had come before me could have affected my feelings? Maybe just because it was too quiet around me. Unlike the city, when you enter a place that is really quiet surrounded only by nature, you start having a real ‘personal’ experiences. I quite doubt that I will travel by myself like this in the near future and I am glad about it. I like to enjoy and share the fun with people I love. Nevertheless, I treasure this ‘experience’ very much for I learnt a lot and grew more.

Les dunes paradoxales

Je suis de ce voyage

le tien

a vivre en errance

en avance de mon temps

de mon lieu

de ma naissance

enroule dans la nacre du silence

je suis de ce reve

a rever de vide et d’inconnu

d’ecriture en promesse de Desert

que j’ecoute

dans la beatitude des mots

ces signes que nul n’efface

le doigt pointe

dans la direction de nos traces

de nos cris

nos oublis

— Abdelhak Serhane ‘Les dunes paradoxales’

Abdelhak Serhane is a Moroccan writer. I got this book from Librairie des Colonnes on the 2nd day of my stay. I over-spent this day on many different books (an old weakness but a great pleasure) and managed to find two books by the native writers. I did not read this 45 dirham book, written in French until I finished all my travels. I was there in May (already 2 years ago). I don’t know where I will be in this coming May of Year 2014. Wherever I am, I hope I am not dreaming ‘de vide et d’inconnu’ but ‘de plenitude et de connu’