Oh the cicadas cries so loud
It’s an elaborate summer’s evening
I am standing on the platform
Will I get in to the train or have to jump?
Tonight I need a friend
Or an idol
Tonight I am fragile
Tonight I cry silent tears
Tonight I may be loved
But I feel lonely
I might walk
Walk wonderously this city of the deads
Neon signs mean nothing to me
Life is fading
I remember the catcher in the rye
He too is crying inside
I remember smoking many pipes
Inside the workers-only rooms
With Burroughs’ texts and
A lover’s kindness
Polices’ interests
The church bell rings and
I am still pondering
If I have to go home
Or wonder around more
I still grow
Like muscles
Like mushrooms
We wouldn’t mean a thing
Because of my child-like silver-screen
Because of my boyfriend’s girlfriend
Because the sun that sets too rapid
Walking on to the stairs
Only to see a familiar scene

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