While sitting comfortably in some café at the corner of narrow street
While the sunshades stop the sunshine entering your skin
While your mind tranquilises with your eyes fixed to the byway
While the book in front of you rests silently in the afternoon breeze
While a friend of yours might come and salute you in few minutes time
While your ears are busy picking up the clickings of glasses and far-away conversations
While the red lights flicker at the tabac on the opposite street
While the couple are walking side by side with their bicycles
While a broad woman is pulling the pram with two shopping bags on each side
While one of songs play inside your heart to say that you should be more courageous
While you made your buddy happy by giving the right advice but not for your own self
While the sun shines on the cigarette you smoke but not on your heart
You, my soul-mate, where are you and what are you?
Are you taking the bus to Tetouan with my sleeping bag tagged in your arms?

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