A Short Bio_Exam Period

The sun is different in Morocco. I have not realised that before. Hard for someone like me, someone in-between. There was a mandatory paper at school; we had to fill in our parents’ occupations. I remember saying that  I want to become a painter when I grow up when I was only 10. I am/have 30 years (old/young) now and he is taking his exams. I sit over the black coffee and ponder about life. I feel my destiny knocking at the door. I do not see his destiny. His whys and whats I must know before leaving. I try to turn the wheels of destiny and fails. It’s only natural. Where to go, when to go and why to go. I support those who are good. There are over 100 men in the cafe watching football and I am the only woman. Or, 100 women and only one man. This. Football. A coffee. A small talk. Sun sets and Sun rises. The best thing I have ever done in my life and yet I have changed. It is not anymore. It was. Sometimes I wake up in panics because I’ve met someone in my dream and haven’t given him/her the right ‘advice’ But now that I am woken up I can’t go back to my dream and I can never meet this person again. Just hope this person is wise and will not have listened to me. Just hope that I haven’t screwed up someone’s life in my dream. The sun scratches my skin gently, before burning it. I learn something though. Imagination is morality. Exams are over finally. But what about the results? (06.08-06.16)