Writing exercise_1 (blog)

that is it New Zealand zealous have i met her or is she gone the excited voice says yes yes yes that is it Candide but did you know that he would have not approved of you really thus the mushroom grows and i am with my selves once again the light on the globe is on i see asia oh no i meant china the just above the globe i have a perfumed pillow from Scotland i am a cow says she then i moo mow mew maw bababa patatipatata there is no such thing as an idea in travel but i must have one now is the time tranquil and dark the sun has set how calming i have eaten garlic three garlic everyday and onions too it is the garlicky delight the smell of them frying oh what can i say time has passed and it seems everyday i find something new how it must be something good remember the old days when you were bored like a middle-aged russian baron even wine tastes nice now sometimes it is good to keep some things by yourself and i think i have just done that well so far it is indeed a crime a crime of youth oh am i allowed to say that no a crime of cows where is my sheep no goat even i am not suppose to delete anything i write now i have to keep on writing something strictly speaking typing this is an exercise well for the labyrinth perhaps once again i will go back there into the darkness into the delight and into the nothingness and into the adventure but for now let me hide conceal but i wear no make up how cruel is that why is it that the word you is so weird now it is 28 degree in here very nice my hood is so big i look like a man from the middle age no it could have been a part of djellaba or something i remember losing one ring so i got rid of it then Sammy came in and he went mad he thought missing one ring was a symbol of some sort i love symbols yea babe but that ring was not a symbol it just went missing now my study involves nature and words words and nature natural words? it will take so long that my hair will turn white and oh no let me not go into that i have just eaten and am so full i think i will go out and smoke away this nonsense

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