It is not about creating something “new” but rather creating a situation to find out what already existed.

Looking at her standing with her pendulous arms to the rhythm of her breathing I had to be in love with her.

Like people who has been waiting for the bus for a long time just to have the bus arriving but packed with people and no space for you.

I like to be in a country where I do not understand every words people are saying. I like to have this space without words and speakings to be able to sense things.

Cors de chasse_Apollinaire

Cors de chasse


Notre histoire est noble et tragique

Comme le masque d’un tyran

Nul drame hasardeux ou magique

Aucun détail indifférent

Ne rend notre amour pathétique


Et Thomas de Quincey buvant

L’opium poison doux et chaste

À sa pauvre Anne allait rêvant

Passons passons puisque tout passe

Je me retournerai souvent


Les souvenirs sont cors de chasse

Dont meurt le bruit parmi le vent


Shaken dreams this very night

To real to be a dream because of a cote

My infatuation has deceived me, then,

Her attraction has turned me in

I think of the changes in length and style

I am naturally hopeless and decidedly futureless

La vie is featureless, la muerte, nameless

Each of them has a troupe of cavaliers

To brawl and stonewall but

as long as the numbers are stable and reduced

It is not a competition neither a display

Nevertheless I want some figures of god

In the book of gardening





Question préalable_Aimé Césaire

Question préalable (Soleil cou coupé 1948)


Pour moi qu’on me serre la jambe

je rends une forêt de lianes

Qu’on me pende par les ongles

Je pisse un chameau portant

un pape et je m’évanouis en une rangée de ficus qui

très proprement enserrent l’intrus et l’étranglent dans

un beau balancement tropical

La faiblesse de beaucoup d’hommes est qu’ils ne

savent devenir ni une pierre ni un arbre

Pour moi je m’installe parfois des mèches soufrées

Entre mes doigts de boa pour l’unique plaisir de m’en-

flammer en feuilles neuves de poinsettias tout le soir

rouges et verts tremblant au vent

comme dans ma gorge notre aurore


As the smoke grow

my anger and my frustration

turn in to the fragile heart

No longer can I aim the gun at you

I will try to paint my naked body

and danse on the rainy day

Look at the skin rendered white on a moslem’s face

Poussin’s Renard et Armide

Mille six cents vingt cinq

I will say nothing, nothing more

in this tangled world