Seven in the morning
Sun rays on my feet
Violent I am
Love makes your actions violent
Present moments are all violent
Your actions like throwing books on the floor
To keep your own destiny
Bound to thrown some of others’ books out
Like the sugar stuck on the very bottom of the coffee cup
Like the caged birds and the cigarette butts
Imagine the one who really loves you
Imagine the one who you really love
Receiving and sending away
Adieu Adieu Adieu


Personal Tragedy

Tragedy always begins with comedy
Hear the sounds of laughter so merry
Look the smiles on people naive
Feel how destiny run like petrol
That is when the tragedy creeps upon us
But hiding behind the wall
Laughing at us laughing
Smiling at us smiling
Looking at us looking
Feeling us at feeling
It waits until the excitement climbs ecstasy
It waits until the love has been noticed by the two ladders
It waits until the hearts are fully applied
Then it appears in front of us as if by surprise
But it was there all along
From the moment people shook hands ‘hello’
From the moment they looked into each others’ eyes
They always knew the existences of one another
Because they were looking for the tragedy to happen




Being lost in the street is a pleasure
Even if it means walking the same street 7 times, 5 hours

Being lost in your soul and mind
Being lost with your heart
I don’t invite

While being lost in the street
You can forget things
Your past and the future

While being lost in the mind
You have to bring the past
The present and the future all on the same table

The other day I was lost in the street
It was for 3 good hours
But I was not really lost
I had a work to do, to look for the names of the streets
The names of the roads and the signs on the avenues

I wish there were names of each streets
Inside my mind too
So that I can find the right house, the right home
On time and out of time
No matter what



While sitting comfortably in some café at the corner of narrow street
While the sunshades stop the sunshine entering your skin
While your mind tranquilises with your eyes fixed to the byway
While the book in front of you rests silently in the afternoon breeze
While a friend of yours might come and salute you in few minutes time
While your ears are busy picking up the clickings of glasses and far-away conversations
While the red lights flicker at the tabac on the opposite street
While the couple are walking side by side with their bicycles
While a broad woman is pulling the pram with two shopping bags on the sides
While one of songs play inside your heart to say that you should be more courageous
While you made your buddy happy by giving the right advice but not for your own self
While the sun shines on the cigarette you smoke but not on your heart
You, my soul-mate, where are you and what are you?
Are you taking the bus to Tetouan with my sleeping bag tagged in your arms?



They say that the ideal travel is in your mind
They say that it is better to sit alone and let your mind do the travelling
No need of luggages,
Credit cards,
Then you might camp in the mountain side
With your best friend, just the two of you
You might bump into your friend’s ex-boyfriend in a toy shop
You might go to the train station just to find your first love standing on the same platform
You might turn the clock and do everything else again in the past as you wish to
You might daydream for the future so romantic
You might…
You might…
But all the while your two feet firmly glued
You eyes searching empty streets
Your hearts beating without palpability
Tomorrow is another day but you will still be here,
Without your mind for it travels alone without you

2014. 07. Greenwich
2014. 07. Greenwich

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