There is a small goat On the field of somewhere It seems he is alone It seems a first love It seems nine years have passed and so the misery begins   Cries of the goat can be heard as laughters of the goat   The goat eats half cynically With certain boredom of a … Continue reading 2015.07.20


We write it group society and pronounce it reputation society We write it together and pronounce it when tragic I have too much of a fragile heart to aim my gun at But I know who aim gun at me I write a song and paint And maybe, maybe then I will be able to … Continue reading 2015.07.11


우리나라 대신 여기나라라고 말해주자 너희들의 나라 라고도 불러보고 그 나라, 저 나라 라고도 불러보자 숨 한 번 쉬고 바라보고 또 저 멀리서도 한 번 바라보고 그리고 나서 다시 불러보자 우리나라 라고 2015/07/09


I heard at dawn a bird over my head Saying that we need to express Our regrets and sorrows That memory means to lament And that living means to mourn Little plant that dies from lack of water In the name of Jeon Tae Il That we’d count the men died for the Roman Empire … Continue reading 2015.07.03